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No Matter What Our Challenges
We Can All Live Extraordinary Lives
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Creating a world of understanding,
empathy, and acceptance.
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We exist to eliminate the stigma
and unwarranted fears of mental illness
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Bipolar Babes is a grassroots project born in 2009
and soon grew into
the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC.

Welcome to the Bipolar Babes Website

The Bipolar Babes Project has a true grassroots history founded by Andrea Paquette, who created a Bipolar Babe t-shirt and the original Bipolar Babe website to share her personal experience, so others did not have to suffer in silence like she once did. Her efforts led to meeting many supportive and dedicated individuals in the local Victoria community who formed The Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia in 2010.

The Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia is the umbrella organization for the Bipolar Babes programs and is a registered Canadian Charity since 2010. The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC has designed programs providing mental health awareness, education and peer support for those facing mental health challenges in hopes of eliminating stigma and unwarranted fears of mental illness with a special focus on youth.

Visit our Programs Page for more information. Visit the BDSBC website to learn more »

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

The Bipolar Babes Programs Encompass the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia’s Vision, Mission and Values


Creating a world of understanding, empathy and acceptance, where people with mental illness are included as equal contributing members in all spheres of society.


Stomp out the stigma of mental illness through awareness, education and support.


  • Knowledge, understanding, education and support
  • Respect, dignity and integrity
  • Open dialogue
  • Community – partnerships and collaboration
  • Grass roots leadership
  • Facilitating self-empowerment, self- esteem, self-worth and self-determination
  • Resiliency
  • Transparency, accountability, authenticity and honesty
  • Inclusion of lived experiences
Have a read through our latest 2015 Annual Report and see what we have accomplished within our five years of success!
Please share our site and feel free to visit to make a donation. Your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you from the Bipolar Babes Team!

stigma-stompersStigma-Free Zone Superheroes Program!

It is essential that we create AWARENESS of the stigmas that exist in society to help everyone develop an UNDERSTANDING of the challenges that numerous people face in their lives. Let’s work together to foster ACCEPTANCE of ourselves and others.

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